Save_as Expo#2: Fertilizing Impotent Garden

2nd December 2017


Den Haag, the Netherlands

Studio165, Heejung Kim and Klodiana Milona


Credits / collaboration: No purpose


‘Save As_ EXPO’ pops up in the wood workshop in the ground floor of DCR building in The Hague, which gets transformed once in a while under optimistic lenses, in an exhibition space, counter parting the usual banal stereotype of the white cube exhibition space.


For this time, Save_as EXPO#2 turned the wood workshop into a conceptual ‘Freaky plant laboratory’ where you can not expect what will happen.


‘Save_as EXPO# values the process as much as the result’

The extraordinary evening filled with installations, pop up performances, videos, and poetry that look into 10 artists’ perpetual endeavours in exploring potentials and synchronizing them all together in an event that attempts to fertilize sterile grounds.