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Den Haag, the Netherlands

Zara Bennett

In collaboration with 

Samira Boon

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More than just a dressing, textiles are the soul of the home. To me, they are an unrecognised necessity that we all rely on, every day. Throughout my years of study I have lived in five different houses in three different cities. This could equate to seven pairs of curtains, eight upholstered chairs, or countless piles of bed linen. And I wonder, if I have consumed such a quantitative number of textiles within the span of six years, while not keeping track of how or where it ends up, imagine the amount of textile waste that is mounting up from people in areas all over the world, living in much the same way. 

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'like a cocoon for the soul'


My project sets out to rediscover the lives of our often forgotten and largely neglected collections of textiles. From the perspective of a spatial designer, I have used this research as a leaping off point to explore how people interact with the material, how the material influences our living environments, and how a soft material like textile can be adapted to serve as something more than a dressing - as a spatial element.