the sauna

September, 2019 - now

Pension Almonde, Rotterdam

Goda Verikaite

In collaboration with: No Purpose (Jack Bardwell, Heejung Kim, Daniele Valentino, Pichaya Puapoomcharoen, Janneke Derksen, Klodiana Millona, Yuan-Chun Liu), Erik Jutten, Ali Shobeiri and Pension Almonde community

Almonde sauna blog: https://almondesauna.wordpress.com/


day 01

The sauna idea started in September (2019). After sketching and discussing it was decided to open sauna in Pension Almonde, a meeting point, a temporary home for city nomads and neighbourhood initiatives. Almondestraat is the first street in Rotterdam with a communal sauna for its residents. After three months (8 workshops) of building up together with a community, Almonde sauna was finally ready to host all the frozen souls and invite to share sweat, tea and warm rituals together. 


isolating walls

We chose the garden sheds in the backyard of Pension Amonde  as a skeleton for our sauna and changing room. It took a while to prepare the space (probably it has not been used for a long time). 

It is always good to warm up with a soup prepared by master chef Jack in-between building up on o cold winter day.


soup break

cutting boards

cooling down

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