the chairena



State of Design, Berlin

 No Purpose Collective (Pichaya Puapoomcharoen, Goda Verikaite, Yuan-Chun Liu) and Refunc


In collaboration with: 

 INSIDE students (Royal Academy of Arts The Hague), Erik Jutten

The chair arena was built as part of the State of Design exhibition in Berlin. It was designed specifically with two entrances and a circular shape in order to accommodate the diverse programs of the exhibition: Digital works, lectures, debates, and student presentations from the Royal academy of Arts, the Netherlands. The arena was built using 400 chairs, stacked on top of each other using only tie wraps. This solution was very efficient in providing a quick yet attractive meeting point for the visitors of the exhibition. The visual permeability of the structure managed to engage the visitors inside the arena without them losing total contact with the rest of the space. The adaptability of such a design is its strongest point. The arena can be implemented anywhere and anytime using basic materials that can be found in every city in the world: the chair.


foldable chairs



no purpose