the intervention

February  2017

Skrunda, Latvia

arvand, goda, vittoria,  klodi, cam, tuchkus, janneke, jo, jaja

with the help of Hans and Inside Students.

skruna latvia

ghost city

An intervention with no serious purpose,

just for ourselves !!!

During a trip in the Baltics, we visited a bizarre forgotten site, an abandoned communist-era secret city.  Skrunda is 100 acres big including underground bunker networks, schools, factories and cold war radars. Too costly to rebuild yet too expensive to demolish, the city is into a complete isolation now. Under a severe underestimation, it is no more than a post soviet union ghost city.


Drawn by the burning desire to reimagine this habitat, we generously dedicated one hour of life to one of the many apartments, celebrating what could happen there, unveiling the curtain of darkness and desperation fallen over. A gesture to help sketch out a possible potentiality, intentionally irritating the dramatic annihilation of the site, advocating its metamorphosis.