The Cocoon

Oct 2017

Den Haag, Netherlands


Cam Liu


Jurgen Bey, Chester Chuang from Studio Makkink & Bey

How do we define the place of working? Today everywhere has the possibility to be a working space. You can have a discussion in the living room, do research on a laptop in bed, clear your mind during a shower or smoke alone to sort out and organise your thoughts. All these spaces have their own qualities for different moments of working. Some stimulate interaction with people, others isolate, giving privacy for thinking. But could there be a space that satisfies both: being together and isolated, with the ability to switch between the two whenever?


The skin of ‘Cocoon’ creates two spaces. The outer skin is used as furniture and the inner skin creates an isolated space. The cocoon is shaped by the rituals of the user, e.g. sitting or leaning inside. The outer space reflects the user’s appropriation of it. In this case a combination of public and private is achieved in which people can easily switch to different mode of the space. It is up to them to decide to be with people or hide in their own cave.



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