the table



10 - 11 june  0.16

Almere, Netherlands

Cam Liu

Mila Tešić

Wei Ni Lu

under the instruction of

Markus Bader – open raumlabor university


in collaboration with

Aser Gimenez Ortega

and Fokke Moerel

from MVRDV

The table is a 1:1 Intervention with garbage on a Landfill in the Netherlands.

developed on the framework of the design studio "Embracing Braambergen" of 1st year students of INSIDE Master Interior Architecture, KABK The Hague.



When making a celebration, it is impossible to picture it without a table as a gathering point. Dining is a ritual which connects people, whether inside a family, an office a greater community. The Table is an exaggeration, a distortion of the idea of stimulating togetherness through sharing a meal. To expose the site’s potential to be domesticated, we used dining as a way to provoke the right of people to claim ownership over this landscape. Performing the  first supper on site shifts the existing presumptions from introversion and contamination to a healthy and inhabitable space. An image of an enormous table, an assemblage of the same pieces which constitute the site itself rises, and brings a new notion of the people appropriating and accepting the site and its legacy. The Table is a patchwork of wooden boards which, once devalued and rejected, have now become a setting for a ceremony of rebirth.