Fertilizing Impotent


on 2nd of December


at DCR Wood Workshop

a.k.a Save As_EXPO

To see the event, click here

Dear All, 


We Kindly invite you to the opening of an exhibition on the invitation of Studio165 in collaboration with Heejung Kim and Klodiana Millona, we have been helping out

 to bring together  the last couple of months.

Would be nice to see some of you saturday evening !!!



Klodi, Kimmy, Goda, Arvand, Daniele, Jo, Jack, Cam, Jaja, Janneke, Vittoria and Zara


At a moment of political turmoil, augmented reality, ecology without nature, cultural shift, we look in to brewing a new flavour. 


In this expo possibilities are chased in conditioned bodies craving to break through the limits, everyday mundanity and alienating repetition, 

daily gestures of rescuing leftovers, puking garden as a reaction, A new existence as a mouse-man or man-mouse, mourning killed plants,  

suggestive reflection of who we are in society, soundless transmission and digital gardens. 


Don’t expect solutions, but instead possible alternatives. 

Let us garden the chaos of life in a precise divine figure. 

The earth is not a dead cold place after all !!! 

Join us for an evening filled with installations, pop up performances, videos and poetry 

that look into 10 artists’ perpetual endeavours in exploring the potentials and synchronising them all together in an event that attempts to fertilise sterile grounds. 




Dorothy Cheung

Mariam Darchiashvili

Giovanni Palmieri

Anja Khersonska

Minsook Kang

Sophia Wester

Valentino Russo 

Ryan Lim

Wietske Nutma

Rik Mertens


Initiated by Studio 165 in collaboration with Heejung Kim & Klodiana Millona 

with the support of “No Purpose” collective.