the view



10 - 11 june  0.16

Almere, Netherlands

Arvand Pourabbasi

Isadora Davide

Makiko Morinaga

under the instruction of

Markus Bader – open raumlabor university


in collaboration with

Aser Gimenez Ortega

and Fokke Moerel

from MVRDV

the view is a 1:1 Intervention with garbage on a Landfill in the Netherlands.

developed on the framework of the design studio "Embracing Braambergen" of 1st year students of INSIDE Master Interior Architecture, KABK The Hague.





The View is the name of the installation because is placed in the highest point of area and almost Almere. The group tried to domesticate the space with threw out house hold which they found them in garbage dom in Lelystad in the landfill there. The narration went through to create the furnished corner for exploring possibility of emptiness on the landfill.