1) Find a birthday-soul-mate, birthdate is not important, if the months coincide that is satisfactory

2) Make a birthday poster-gif-propaganda and spread it around

red light

3) Buy some light filters (you can install them in the main room, toilet, corridor, you can even use a fridge)

how to organise a 55th birthday party


 October, .017

Den Haag, the Netherlands

Goda Verikaite

Cam Liu


Eerbeeklaan gang



4) Borrow 2000 balls and let the children in all of us come out (thanks to our dear friend Denis from REFUNC)

5) Find a DJ (DJ Bistecchiño was great)


6) Invite your lovers, ex-lovers, possible lovers, never made lovers

7) Cook with passion and abundance, people get hungry!

8) Prepare a dance-floor and a ballroom (to chill or to fight)




It’s your Birthday after all!