the parable of the long spoon

A Performative Screening/Dining Session


8 april 2019

Neverland Cinema



To conclude the public screenings of the session "What do we talk about when we talk about commons?" we were invited to hold a performative session of dining with an engaging “mise en scene” that aimed at celebrating of eating together as a fundamental ritual of commoning and kitchen as a space of dialogue and sharing.

The evening built upon an allegory to the parable of the long spoons which is folklore in a number of cultures. It illustrates two version of a feast banquet, one in heaven and one in hell. In the latter, guests only try to feed themselves and can't because the spoons are too long. In the former, they feed each other and thrive. With an obvious moral of sharing, the parable of the long spoons addresses the nurturing of others as a means of nurturing ourselves. The allegory touches upon many of the discussions raised through the screenings session in relation to the fundamental act of commoning- that of sharing and is used genuinely as a metaphor to rethink and re-enact new realities.


About the Project

The research tries to assemble a series of observations of commons and common-ing in shared spaces. There has been extensive studies on shared and collective living as a new model of dwelling, and common as a definition is wildly used, especially in the current climate of a global housing turmoil. Nevertheless, the one to one living with and within the common seem to be little explored. The aim of this research is to create a base for a thorough discussion on what we can learn from every day commoning and how to position shared living models and reinforce their role as an alternative to the speculative housing market.