Group class: 'the power of the collective'


No Purpose Collective has been invited as one of the guests for the first night of talks at YA Evening Sessions taking place during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, Saturday, on 20th of October, 2018.


This night we are going to talk about the pros and cons of being in a design collective. What does it offer you? What are the sacrifices? How to form one? We will have an open discussion where you, the crowd can join in the conversations. 


Other Guests are ZwartFrame, a design collective who is also responsible for the design of the location and consists of five creators of art and design who met at the HKU in Utrecht, and Knetterijs, a successful and inseparable illustration collective from Groningen, dividing their time between freelance jobs and collective endeavors.


The YA Evening Sessions take place every night during Dutch Design Week, in the beautiful location atSectie-C. 

The goal for these nights is to give everyone interested more insights in the design world. From practical tips to interesting questions raised, we hope you will take something away that helps you in strengthening your (future) career.

The doors are open to everybody: graduates, design professionals, journalists or people just visiting Sectie-C at that time. For questions you can always e-mail Markus via


The time table:

18:30            Doors open

19:00            Introduction of the speakers

19:15            Start of the talks

20:00            The bar is open, go meet the designers of YA and the speakers

21:00            Doors are closing (Sectie-C will remain open for a few more hours)

For more information check the event here