the ritual

September .016


Den Haag, the Netherlands

Goda Verikaite


Jurgen Bey, Chester Chuang

from Studio Makkink & Bey,


up - down - up

Don’t use the table - it’s already made long time ago. You can’t invent anything better than Ikea can offer. Don’t use the chair – they said. It’s boring.

During my internship at the print shop I came up with an idea to use paper left-overs and explore the material itself. I started building my personal space without any clear vision where I’m heading to. I just kept on continuous movement of going up and down to create a shelter for my thoughts. This ‘paper nest’ became a tool to record all my moves and decisions I took during the day. I also counted how many cups of mate I drank or how many people came to visit and have a talk with me.

In the end it is not about specific space... It is all about our daily rituals.

up- down -mate - up -down - up