Self, body object

the experimental invention in order to express initial quality of workspace



September .016

Kabk, Den Haag, the Netherlands


Pichaya Puapoomcharoen


Jurgen Bey, Chester Chuang

from Studio Making & Bey


“How the object help us to inhabit the space?”

In terms of workspace, objects which are among us could called furnitures, tools or equipments. Those objects inhabit the workspace to be a typical office as we can see in nowadays; a domestic area which full of table and chair. There is no doubt for these excellent built furniture that the dimension on those object never been changed, but human being. The consequence of this contradiction may attribute a possibility of having an ergonomic injuries. My experiment start with questioning back to the existing object. Have you ever has a curiosity about objects you deal with everyday? Do you actually feel comfortable with space that objects brought you? Where are those dimension came from? This is made for who?


“Is this made for you?”

How body is applied in the platform?