NoMad -  Yes Mad

Make Love to Informality and be a Nomad

15 November, .016

Royal Academy of the Arts, The Hague, Netherlands


Arvand Pourabassi

Klodiana Millona


A workshop about learning to:

Appropriate space. 

Appreciate limitations. 

To get by giving first.

In the framework of the program “Learning by Teaching” at the Inside Master of Interior Architecture, the graduating students are given the task of defining and organising their own Skills workshop for the 1st year students during the Graduation Studio. The students formulate a research question based on their graduation project, and other students are involved in the workshop to explore and develop a skill connected to that question. In this case, the workshop was evolved around the question of appropriation of space and the informality as a tool for it, both interests of Arvand and Klodi who used a random modest kind of algorithmic of matching random spaces with some bizarre qualities and asked students to try to match them in a limited space at a limited time with limited tools like tape. Just imagine interpreting a nervous laundry or a holy spaceship. The outcome was a series of performative presentation.